Design Secrets That Sell

It’s true – A well designed sales piece can dramatically improve your sales and conversions, whether it’s a web page, printed document or any other ad/promo.

The BAD news is, hiring a professional designer can be incredibly expensive.

The GOOD news is, you don’t have to hire a professional designer if you put my Seven Secrets to work for you. I’ll teach you exactly how to turn your website or document into the most powerful sales-pulling masterpiece it can be without spending a dime.

Hi! My name is Roey Bannon Pimentel, a Graphic Designer, and I’m excited to finally be able to share my design secrets with you, in the form of my book “Graphic Design IMPACT”. This has been over two years in the making, and is now 246 pages of time-tested graphic design goodness!


It’s like I Went to School for YOU

You will benefit from my Master of Arts Degree in Graphic Design and years of hands-on experience. It’s like having me go to school for YOU, and handing you the very best design secrets in one easy to understand bundle.


What’s Inside?

In my book, you will discover the secrets to help you generate more sales and increase your conversions. Laid out in an easy to understand and useful format, Graphic Design IMPACT is a heavily illustrated book that provides internet marketers with time tested graphic design secrets.

You’ll learn how to add impact and psychological triggers to make your sales message as irresistible as it can be. Use these powerful techniques to create stunning websites, sales pages, ebooks, and more, while delivering a better visitor experience.

In Graphic Design IMPACT, I distill my knowledge and skills into bite-sized gems of easy-to-follow tips with memorable illustrations.

The techniques I share can help you better communicate with your audience and enhance your message with more professional design – delivering results you can take straight to the bank!


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  • Save a TON of money on professional design by following my simple principles
  • Increase your sales and conversion rates
  • Use these subtle psychological triggers to make your reader see exactly what you want them to see
  • Impress your target market with your professionalism
  • Make ALL your websites and advertising POP with appeal
  • Take the results straight to the bank



If it Needs Design – YOU CAN DO IT

You don’t have to be an expert. Just follow the basic rules that professionals use to create those awesome looking graphic pages, and you can achieve similar results.

Even if you don’t know anything about page style and formatting, color choice, and what actually makes a page look professional (or why a page looks cheap vs. professional) – Graphic Design IMPACT is for you.

The rules are broken down in easy-to-follow sections with examples of right and wrong, successful vs. not-so-much, and why it works better.

Each rule gives examples of the difference a page looks when the rule is followed vs. when its broken.


Outlaw Design?

Breaking the rules of graphic design can kill a campaign before it gets off the ground. Find out why and how a page design can dramatically affect your conversion rate.

Tap into the secrets of designing a visually compelling, sales inducing, professional web site by applying these tricks, tips, and the secret code (rules) used by the pros.


Design Secrets That Sell

Just a FEW of the secrets you’ll discover:

Less is more – You’ll learn how to place text on the page to make your visitors want to sit back, relax, and read on!

Breaking the frame – Learn how to use the visual frame (the computer screen) to your advantage, creating more interest and ultimately convert your copy into sales.

Mind Control – Did you know you can actually control where your prospect looks on the screen? Learn simple techniques you can use to guide your traffic to read what YOU want them to read first, and gently guide your reader towards the “Buy Now!” Button.

Graphic Design IMPACT lifts the veil off of the big design secrets the pros use into unbelievably easy-to-understand concepts that once revealed, are so simple you’ll want to run straight to your computer and put them into practice on all of your web-pages immediately!

Logo Design – Learn what makes a successful logo. A correctly designed logo will convey a powerful message without words. Learn what to do and what not to do.

Typography – Also known as Fonts, fonts, fonts! Graphic Design IMPACT breaks down the thousands and thousands of font choices into a few basic categories and goes into appropriate use of the font families.

The psychology of color – Understanding how color choice influences your prospective buyer’s decision making process.

Layout Design – Why are some pages more appealing then others? Graphic Design IMPACT breaks down the difference between good and bad page design. It helps you create a page that flows well, is easy on the eye, and ultimately directs your prospect towards the goal – making the purchase.

You will be amazed at the results of what just a few changes can do to make your web pages look more visually professional.


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Dennis Becker

I spent some time looking inside Graphic Design IMPACT and I’m blown away. This is an incredible masterpiece of a book.

If you’re an Internet marketer, it will change you forever. It will make you better at what you do. The skills you learn will translate into dollars… many, many dollars.

Roey not only tells you how to do something, she shows you why it works, with images… because pictures are worth a thousand words.

Graphic Design Impact is a book that will pay you back for your initial investment over and over again.

Dennis Becker


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Teresa J. Miller

Graphic Design Impact is the design book that every marketer needs, regardless of your business model. It’s the most complete and thorough guide on design that I’ve seen, and it’s written for marketers, not designers. It’s beautiful too, which a design book should be. You’re going to want to print it out and go through the pages again and again. Want to improve the look of your websites, sales pages, newsletters, ebooks, etc.? Get this book!

Teresa J. Miller


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Jason Fladlien

I’m a design geek, and do all the core design for our software and websites for products that we’ve sold millions of dollars worth. Roey’s book is fantastic for the level of design theory and direct application it has contained within it. I liken it to a text book you’d spend $200 or $300 for if you were taking a design course in college, so the value here is very high. In addition, you get good information about REAL WORLD marketing uses for design, which you would NEVER get in any academic setting. I love it.

Jason Fladlien, CEO of Rapid Crush


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Laurie Cardinali Kester

Graphic Design Impact is a complete design manual I want on my bookshelf so I can reference it again and again. There is so much good information and great visuals! I’m a visual learner and this book made things crystal clear for me. In art there are fundamental things that work and cross over to all types of medium, whether it be painting, drawing or stained glass design, this book is such a practical tool to remind you of what works visually and what doesn’t.

Laurie Cardinali Kester




An amazing endorsement by Mr. Joseph Krueger:



You benefit from my years of Graduate School. I distill my knowledge and skills into little gems of easy-to-follow tips to create beautiful, niche-focused pages designed to enhance your message – delivering results you can take straight to the bank!

With my 246-page book, you can apply the design secrets master graphic designers took years to learn, for less than the price of gas to drive to class a few times!


Get Your Copy Now
246 pages of graphic goodness, with 272 illustrations


Get Ready for Many “Ah-ha” Experiences…

I urge you to grab this now at the introductory price while it lasts. Thank you in advance for your purchase!

Roey Bannon Pimentel

P.S. Don’t forget you have 30 days to try out Graphic Design IMPACT – if for some reason you’re not thrilled, just drop me an email for a no-quibble refund.


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Priority Secrets Guide

A very special interactive Guide. The purpose of this resource guide is to let you in on some of the amazing sources designers use to help make great looking products. Included in this guide are design, color and inspiration sites, image source sites, and other extremely helpful resources.


TOP SECRET Copy Resources

This is a no-fluff directory of resources that I tap into to make my copy better, and to get my pages looking sweet. Period. And because it is a directory, don’t expect any long winded wind ups. Some of them will be pretty self explanatory and will get little attention, other than a brief description and a link or something to tell you how to get your hands on that resource. Enjoy, and let’s keep this one between us, shall we? 🙂

  • Swipes
  • Cool Resources
  • Design Elements
  • Straight Up Snippets
  • Copywriting Resources
  • Design Resources
  • And More




No time to go to design school? No capital to outsource design?
Graphic Design IMPACT
is your solution.

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